Jamie Oliver

It seemed like a good idea, and the ratings were high. Yet Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is getting axed. For those who aren't familiar with Food Revolution, it was a show to educate Americans on the dangers of over-processed food lunches.

"The show follows Oliver as he enters a town or city hit hard by obesity and begins his campaign against the use of processed foods in American schools while everyone from lunch ladies to schools's superintendants insist on piling sugars, oils and preservatives onto students’ lunch trays."

Although ABC announced that they were canceling Food Revolution because of low ratings, the numbers tell a different story. So why the cancellation? The schools who hosted Jamie Oliver weren't happy with his crew or with nutritional experts in general.

"According to the former superintendent, he had enough nutritional experts. Yep, nutritional experts, who don’t see any problem with serving students sweetened drinks, oil soaked starches and processed meats on a daily basis."

It's certainly reassuring when the country's suffering from an obesity "epidemic" and the children are eating lunches slathered in sugar and fats.

What do you think? Were you fans of Food Revolution?



Kate.moon 22:25, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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