A term like “car bomb” might have an unsavory connotations given its association with terrorism and booze. However, The Brown Eyed Baker, a popular blogger and baking enthusiast, has reclaimed the term in a manner that is both savory and sweet. Her Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes are the result of her recent experiments with Guinness stout and chocolate (now I’m in love).

“These cupcakes are fashioned after the popular ‘Irish Car Bomb’ cocktail that consists of a shot of Baileys Irish Cream and Irish whiskey dropped into a pint of Guinness,” explains the Brown Eyed Baker, otherwise known as Michelle. “I have never had one myself, but I’ve heard that if you can get it down before it curdles, it’s smooth, delicious and almost tastes like a milkshake.”

Though the beer bakes off, the whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream called for in her recipe (for the ganache filling and frosting, respectively) might have to be modulated to be more, um, family-friendly. As Michelle alerts her readers, the cupcakes are “very boozy. Consider yourself warned.”

Check out the recipe here.

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