Healthy Scramble

Prep Time: 20 mins

Cook Time: 30 mins

Yields: 4 Servings

Description Edit

You ready for some country-fried scramble and potatoes? You chose the right place to look! Please look at my Healthy guide. (Health issues: we aren't responsible.) So please, get your utensils and get cooking!

Ingredients Edit

-Canola Oil, Pig Fat -Eggs -Potatoes -Garlic Powder, and or Rotting Garlic -Salt -Rosemary -Love -Pure oil cheese

Directions Edit

Step 1: Put the eggs on the pan (after applying pig fat and canola oil). And of course, wait until the oil and fat begins to melt & sizzle, then add the eggs onto the pan. Step 2: Cut the potatoes into cubes, season them with garlic powder and rosemary, then chop some rotting garlic (for extra taste) and apply it to the potatoes. Add the rotting garlic and potatoes to the pan. Step 3: Once the eggs and potatoes are sizzling in the pan, scramble the eggs and potatoes with rotten garlic to make one big tasty, and delicious scramble. Sprinkle your pure oil cheese around the scramble. Step 4: Once the scramble is finished, eat up. Trips:

  • If you begin to experience a stroke, please, call the doctor as fast as you can before a heart attack takes place. Drink moltrin and other liver entoxicating drugs to soothe the pain. We are not responsible for any health problems.
  • Stay tuned for my next dish: Diabetes Explosion!

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